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                                   Troy & Cathy Westcott

Troy grew up in Newaygo, Mi. Graduated from Newaygo High in 1981

Attended Grandvalley University. Graduated with a Physical Therapy Degree.

Cathy grew up in Grand Rapids, Mi. and Wyoming, Mi.

Graduated from Wyoming Park High in 1982 then attended Davenport College.

We meet in early 1987, fell in love and married on Aug. 6th 1988

Troy loves hunting both deer and bear. Works at Our Lady Of Mercy while Cathy

works at home and at the Lodge.


On Aug. 22nd 1990 we had our 1st of 4 children, Alexandra Leigh Westcott

Alex graduated with honors from Calumet High in 2007.

Alex just finished her studies at Northern Michigan University in Marquette.

Her major is in elem. education. Now she is teaching.

Alex comes home often to help out at the family business.


                                                                                       John & Grace Dee with Alex


On Feb. 20th 1992 we had our 2nd child, Zachary Davis Westcott

Zach graduated with honors from Calumet High in May 2010,

and is now attending Michigan Tech. for Engineering.

He has a love for fast cycles, cars, boats, snowmobiles, well anything with a motor.

He now in an internship at Chrysler.


          Zach                         Zach  Carving  2010                        Zach wt 9 point




On May 17th 1995 we had our 2nd daughter Meghan Ellyse Westcott

Meghan graduated with honors from Calumet High in May 2013.

Now attends Northern Michigan Univ.

She love basketball, volleyball, hunting, the outdoors and snow boarding.

In the summer of 2012 she underwent a decompression surgery for a Chiari Malformation

and we are so blessed to say that the surgery went well and recovery great.


      Meg with 2nd buck               Meg #10 Volleyball                 May 2013



On June 17, 2002 we had our 4th and final child. (You will understand when you meet her)

Gabrielle (Of Lac La Belle)  Rose Westcott

Gabby as we call her ( You will also understand this when you meet her) is enrolled

at Washington Middle School in Calumet.


           Gabby & Moose      /   Gabby 1st day of 5th grade / Gabby helps out at the store


We love our Family Business and are glad we live in the Wonderful Keweenaw.

Please stop bye and meet us in person.



The Westcott Family / Troy, Cathy, Alex, Zach, Meghan & Gabby

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